HP or Hewlett-Packard is a leading multinational company specializing in innovative information technology. Apart from its versatile range of products, it has a significant presence in the field of printing technology. Its wide range of Printing devices undergoes constant upgrades to stay ahead of the fast-evolving industry requirements. It offers an extensive range of avant-garde printers including some of the most sophisticated Wireless Printers. Although, wireless printing is an extremely user-friendly technology. Still, users get confused with this technology and printer setup procedures. Therefore, HP tries to guide users about this technology and HP Wireless Printers at “www.hp.com/go/wirelessprinting”.

What is a Wireless Printer?

Wireless Printer is an advanced printing device that connects to a wireless network by means of an in-built wireless adapter. As such, it becomes the network’s asset/ resource and is connected to all the other devices on the network. Therefore, all the other devices like Computer, Laptops, Smartphones etc. can use the Printer as a shared resource. In this way, you can place the Printer at any location within the range of the Network. Besides, it is available for every other device on the Network. At “www.hp.com/go/wirelessprinting”, you will get a clear understanding of HP Wireless Printers and its technology.

HP Wireless Printers and Their Benefits

HP Wireless Printers are some of the most efficient and advanced printers available for both home and business purposes. These wireless printers are available in both Ink and Laser formats making it the most versatile solutions.

Wireless Printers have an edge over Wired Printers in a number of ways. Some of its benefits are listed below:

  1. At “www.hp.com/go/wirelessprinting”, you will learn that it completely does away the need for messy cables and wires for connectivity purpose. These printers need just one cable i.e. the Power Cable.
  2. Besides, it gives you the freedom to print from any location. In other words, there is no need for you to stay near the printer for printing purposes. You can print from any location within the network’s range.
  3. Apart from that, it is highly efficient as multiple devices can use the same printer over the network. At “www.hp.com/go/wirelessprinting”, you can learn how to connect and use a wireless printer in the most simplified manner.
  4. It can easily connect to Cloud and other online data storage facilities to print directly from the internet.

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Once your Printer is prepared for “123.hp.com/setup”, configure it successfully on your Internet Network. This means you must connect it to an Internet Connecti

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